Zhou Zejiang, IFOAM Asia President (China)

Zhou Zejiang, IFOAM Asia President (China)

Senior Advisor to the Organic Food Development Center, Ministry of Environmental Protection of China

Zhou Zejiang, more fondly known as Dr ZZ in Asia, has served the organic movement in China, Asia and other parts of the world for 27 years. He is a pioneer of the Chinese organic movement, one of the 2 first organic inspectors in the country and a well-regarded organic expert. He was the chief expert in drafting the national organic standards and joined the drafting of organic sector management regulations of China. He has also been deeply involved in promoting Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS).

Zhou Zejiang has supported IFOAM activities for years, as an official IFOAM Representative to China and Asia, member of the IFOAM Development Committee and as the coordinator of numerous regional organic projects, including the CFC/FAO/IFOAM Organic Tea project and the IFOAM/FAO/UNCTAD Global Organic Market Access (GOMA) project, EU/IFOAM BOKK project. He was also the first Honorary Ambassador of IFOAM and joined the IFOAM World Board in 2014. 

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