Young Organics Global Network has been inspired by the effort of passionate young people in 2011, Young Organics.

Young Organics started in 2011 from the need of young actors in the organic and fair trade movement of getting together and sharing their experiences. In February 2011, at Biofach in Nuremburg, Germany, a group of over 100 young entrepreneurs gather at a workshop where they discussed their visions on how to join forces to build a sustainable future for all and generations to come.

From this workshop, a smaller group of passionate people decided to meet again and start building a network where young voices would be heard and ideas would be shared. Twenty participants from Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy and Turkey, living and working in Germany, Holland and Switzerland attended the meeting. As a fist action, the group decided to start an urban farm and get their hands in the soil. That it’s how Young Organics NGO (e.V.) was born.

Over the course of three years, Young Organics organised a number of events and gatherings. The group recognized the importance of learning from the ones that came before them, the pioneers, that it is why they started to create spaces where young people could meet and discuss with some of the pioneers of the organic and the fair trade movement. Young Organics also organised several events at different Biofach Congresses, at the World Organic Congress in Korea and Turkey, and at a special UN event in Bonn, where Climate Change and a Sustainable Future were the core of the discussions.

With time the group couldn’t continue active but a seed was planted. Now we see that seed sprouting and Young Organics Global Network taking the lead and working for the empowerment of youth and the construction of a healthier, fairer, and more organic future!

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