Manchul, JUNG, Board Member (South Korea)

Man Chul Jung, Board Member (South Korea)

Vice President of the Institute of Korea Rural Society

Manchul has been involved in the organic movement since he was a university student. In 1994, he joined Hansalim, a cooperative established by Korean farmers and consumers. In 1996, he went to Kobe University where he studied the organic agriculture policies of the local government in Japan.

After studying, he started working at RDA, the Rural Development Administration, carrying out various organic agricultural studies related to the organic agricultural policies, the management of organic farmhouses’ farms and the economic analysis of organic agricultural technology.

In 2016, he started working at the Eco-friendly Agricultural Policy Development Task Force at Hongseong county office as a policy advisor. He is an active researcher of KFSAO, the Korean Federation of Sustainable Agriculture Organizations, an affiliate of IFOAM Asia.

Currently, Manchul is planning to establish an institute of organic agriculture for the development of organic agriculture in Asia

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